Saturday, May 5, 2012

Walgreens Register Rewards- simple terms

For those wanna-be couponers out there who don't understand "walgreens register rewards".

In simple terms I have explained how you can save money use RR (register rewards). It took lots of trips and trial and error to understand fully these little slips of paper called RR's.

Walgreens Register Rewards

Abbreviation: RR
Ex. When you buy 2 tubes of Colgate toothpaste you receive a $2 Register Reward

You can use coupons to buy the toothpaste.
You can only receive ONE RR for the Colgate promo per transaction. That means if you buy 4 tubes of toothpaste you will not receive 2 RR.
Your $2 RR will print out at the end of the transaction and it will say “compliments of Colgate” It is a manufacture coupon.    

How to use it:
Your $2 RR compliments of Colgate can NOT be used on the same promotion
It needs to be used on a separate transaction
It can only be used on a product $2.00 or more. $1.99 is not close enough.
It works as a manufacture coupon so you can not use other manufacture coupons on what you buy.

Ex. I will go to Walgreens before it expires 2 weeks after it printed and but Dr. Pepper. There are no manufacture coupons for Dr. Pepper but it is on sale for $4.50. I present the RR at the end of the transaction with my other coupons. My total for Dr. Pepper will be $2.50

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